Heritage Garden, Camberwell

Heritage Organic Garden, Camberwell

We were looking for someone to maintain our garden who really understood and believed in sustainability and organic garden principles and who loved and cherished the garden as much as we did. We have been so impressed with Tom and his team's knowledge, dedication and passion for our garden.

The soil has been nurtured and improved which has enhanced the plants' vitality, as well as encouraging an abundance of bees, butterflies, dragonflies and native birds. It has been a pleasure having Tom and the team around and I have appreciated his proactive and collaborative approach.

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Heritage Organic Garden, Camberwell (5 years later)

Heritage Organic Garden, Camberwell (5 years later)

Since Tom's first arrival to now, our garden is an organic oasis, full of beautiful, rich soil, plants that have been nurtured, set up in a way to utilize our garden & vegetable waste so as to further enrich the soil & garden.

The aspects of Tom Secret Garden's personalised service which has worked for us are minimal weeds, excellent consultation & communication, willing to listen, understand & solve problems & Tom's passion for plants, soil & his knowledge.

Tom's Secret Garden's organic garden care service has improved the health of our garden enormously. The garden is an absolute pleasure to live in & it helps our whole family in terms of providing a serene calm & beautiful space. We also love our veggies & herbs & really appreciate the organic principles, which complement our own philosophy.

Tom's organic management system has helped us recycle more effectively, to decrease our rubbish & to improve the quality of our soil. It is wonderful to grow & eat our own produce. It is a wonderful educational opportunity for our children too.

Tom & his team are a pleasure to have around. They are hardworking, polite, pay attention to detail & are proactive in their approach. The most important aspect however, is their passion for gardens & plants, as well their belief in organic principles. They have nurtured & cared for our garden over the last five years & it has flourished. The soil is alive & is able to support a wonderful array of healthy plants, which in turn, provides a haven for all sorts of insects & bird life.

I really enjoy the collaborative aspect of working with Tom & his team in creating a productive, sustainable, organic, beautiful & relaxing garden space for our family to enjoy.

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Contemporary Garden Design, Armadale

Contemporary Garden Design, Armadale

My daughter Gill uses Tom & has been delighted with the quality of his service. We love her garden & so when she recommended him for our garden we didn't hesitate!

Our unit really had no garden, just a row of Lilly-Pilly shrubs. No color, no planning. Now it is very different with a variety of shrubs, plants, pots etc, which will in due course grow into a colorful, varied & beautiful garden. Tom has worked wonders in the limited space that exists. Tom showed particular aptitude in replacing the garden lights & irrigation system.

The particular aspects of Tom's personalised service that has worked for us are keeping to the timetable agreed; a very personal & friendly service; & knowledgeable, where nothing was too much trouble.

We used gardeners in a previous home, but what a difference in every respect Tom & his staff brought to the redesign & execution of our rather humble apartment terrace garden. It is now a real delight to walk in or sit on the terrace.

A thoroughly professional & masterful transformation - Thank you Tom!

Lynne & Eric

Sustainable Garden, Hawthorn

Sustainable Garden, Hawthorn

Our space has undergone a radical transformation. The design has opened up the space; it is more user-friendly. The garden now has nourished soil, beautiful, healthy plants that are flourishing & also enabled easier & safer access around the house. The greatest improvement to the space has been the structural elements.

The particular aspects of Tom's personalised service that has worked for us are the continual process of consultation; understanding the clients' wishes & the environment to be created; listening to & considering the clients' ideas, being sensitive to theirs & incorporating this into his vision; adapting & changing ideas in response to the constraints & requirements of the garden.

It was an absolute delight having the 3-man team transform our garden. It is now a totally different space & we are thrilled with the outcome. We appreciated the thoughtfulness that each of the team demonstrated in conducting their work & creating the garden. We are eagerly anticipating its "coming of age."

Dale & Jerzy

Contemporary Garden, Vermont

Contemporary Garden, Vermont

We called in Tom's Secret Garden as we had a large block of land with little plants but also a modern house with a pool, pond & Bali hut to consider. Tom selected plants that were visually pleasing, as well as practical for the conditions; coupled with a watering system, the garden virtually takes care of itself. The existing hedging plants were suffering greatly & were weak; thanks to Tom's care these plants have now flourished giving us the privacy we required.

Tom regularly maintains the garden throughout the year ensuring strong growth of the plants & trees. We now have a well-established front & back garden the whole family can enjoy.

Tom & his team have been nothing but professional, seeking out the right plants, as well as taking our ideas into consideration. We would not hesitate in recommending Tom's Secret Garden. With thanks!

Cris & John

Native Garden, Research

Native Garden, Research

We chose Tom's Secret Garden to work in our garden because of Tom's organic ethos & his gardening knowledge.

Since Tom's first arrival, we have seen an improvement in soil health & an improved worm population.

The particular aspect of Tom's personalised service that has worked for us is the fact that you deal with Tom directly, the expert, so you obtain one-on-one advice.

The fact that no nasty synthetic pesticides or herbicides have been used, means our wellbeing & land are in pristine condition. Our newly planted garden has become well established & is thriving.

Tom's organic management system means we have little or no garden waste; we are creating nutrients for our soil, which has been the greatest value for us. Tom's Secret Garden's willingness to garden without synthetic chemicals, & their knowledge of natural fertilisers & the importance of compost in soil rejuvenation, have been of benefit to our property.

The hard work done by Tom & his team keeps our property looking superb. Tom, & his team, has successfully used organic gardening techniques to help our new Phillip Johnson garden to flourish.


Ornamental & Edible Garden, Camberwell

Ornamental & Edible Garden, Camberwell

Tom's sensory ability, together with his artistic talent & passion for all things organic, has changed my tired garden into a place of peace & harmony. My bespoke vegetable garden, made from recycled material, is a joy: fruitful & beautifully erected.

Tom, & his team, has worked tirelessly & efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend his team to anybody wanting a sustainable, organic garden to enjoy as much as we have. Many thanks, Tom.


Toorak Garden

Toorak Garden

I was looking for a gardener who would use organic techniques & above all someone who would love my garden. I found that in Tom. His deep care for plants & ecosystems is obvious. My garden is healthy & thriving, & we have worked together to fill the spaces with natives that will support urban wildlife. It's a pleasure to have someone who takes such pride & cares so much for his work.

Garden Owner

Provence Garden, South Yarra

Provence Garden, South Yarra

Since Tom's first arrival, I would describe our garden as transformed! Our garden has more depth & interest now, even though the space hasn't grown at all. It looks bigger & happier.

I appreciate that Tom knows a lot about plants, about which I know very little. So I am in good hands. I like that Tom listens, goes away & thinks about what plants would be best & then gets them. Hey presto! … & at a reasonable price.

In choosing Tom's Secret Garden's organic garden care service, I feel that I am taking care of the earth & doing my part to make our surroundings more pleasant for everyone. I love the fresh vegetables & herbs & I would like to spend more time with them. It feels wholesome & we make the most of what we have on hand.

Yes, Tom's Secret Garden's service is value for money & I'm sure our neighbors are very happy that our garden looks so pretty!
Tom Remfry, & his team, has transformed our back & front gardens. Everybody exclaims when they come to visit, "It is a triumph".


Terrace Design, Albert Park

Terrace Design, Albert Park

I wish to formally acknowledge you & your amazing team of professionals who put life into our Penthouse courtyard by transforming an otherwise dull area into a spectacular world of color. It was both visually appealing & practical with edible vegetation incorporated into the design. Your attention to detail was only surpassed by your passion for fulfilling my needs & making my vision a reality. You are an exceptional professional & I would have no hesitation in recommending you. I thank you for creating 'my little bit of heaven' in my home.

Much appreciated.


Patio Design, Caulfield East

Patio Design, Caulfield East

Dear Tom, my rose garden is looking beautiful. Your selection of plants & placement of the same is just terrific & all is lush & healthy. My neighbours are particularly thrilled as it improves their vista. Friends & family have commented on the vast improvement to the property. The pleasure the garden gives me is priceless. Thanks once again Tom for your careful attention. Cheers.


Terrace Garden, East Melbourne

Terrace Garden, East Melbourne

I was recommended to use Tom from an interior decorator I was using about 3 years ago who was working on my apartment in East Melbourne.

The transformation to my garden from Tom's first arrival to now is fantastic. I only have 7 Box Hedges that Tom looks after but where the plants are positioned (on the balcony facing Fitzroy Gardens & the City), they are exposed to quite harsh weather conditions. Tom has always managed to keep them looking beautiful & healthy.

The fact that Tom comes to my apartment & does everything necessary to keep these plants looking marvelous is the aspect of the service which works for me, including things such as the installation of an irrigation system, which Tom handled from start to finish.

I have two small children, so time is always a factor for me & with Tom visiting us regularly to maintain the plants, has been a great help, particularly as my knowledge with the up keeping of plants is quite limited. Also, I'm a huge believer in organic garden care as is Tom.

The greatest improvement to my space is beautiful & healthy looking plants, which always make a space, look great.

Tom's Secret Garden's service clearly provides value for money & supports my property investment.



John Patrick Landscape Architects

Tom Remfry has been the gardener at Clendon Road, Toorak, a large garden designed by myself, for the past three years. During this time he has made significant contributions to the garden through his adoption of sustainable, organic practices and professional garden maintenance.

Tom's knowledge and understanding of sustainable organic practices are highlighted by his adoption of mulch beds, which utilise leaf litter and appropriate prunings, worm farms and his complete phasing out of the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. This has not only resulted in an improvement to the overall ecosystem, shown by an increase in indigenous birdlife, but has also encouraged microclimates, allowing specific plants to flourish.

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toorak garden

Clendon Road Garden, Toorak

We lived on the property in Toorak, whilst Tom tended the John Patrick designed garden for a three-year period. I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful experience of living amongst over an acre of organic garden. It became an oasis for native birds over time. As Tom nurtured the soil and created mulch to be reused on the garden beds, it transformed into a space that was irresistible to leave.

The sound of the morning birds was overwhelming, and the surrounding neighbours began to comment and take an interest in Tom's work. The garden became a visual masterpiece that could be likened to a Monet painting. Our daughter could willingly pick wild, organic strawberries to be eaten safely.

I can personally endorse Tom's work in organic gardening. He is a rare talent in the garden; his creativity and affinity with nature cannot be underestimated.

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armadale garden

Armadale Garden

Tom has regularly worked for me in my garden, and that of the adjoining property, which we own, for about two years. He is reliable, conscientious, well-informed and expert gardener and all the work he has done has been performed to the highest standard. He is the best gardener I have ever had.

In addition to normal garden maintenance, his work has included, plant selection suggestions (in particular to cope with drought-like conditions), re-design and replanting of sections of my garden (very successfully), sourcing of appropriate plant material, landscaping-soft and hard-mulching, soil improvement, and pruning, both routine and more radical where required.

Tom is an interested observant and knowledgeable gardener and plantsman committed to organic principles. He is happy to take initiative in making suggestions for potential horticultural, design and management improvements to the garden. He has an excellent eye for design.

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alhambra garden

Alhambra Garden, Armadale

Tom Remfry was employed in a landscaping project on my residential property from November 2010 until May 2011. During that time he conducted himself in an extremely hardworking and conscientious manner. He was at all times reliable, performed all his tasks to a very high standard and approached his work in a professional manner with thoughtfulness, integrity and open communication.

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