Heritage Garden, Camberwell

Design & Management

My team and I were responsible for developing an organic kitchen garden. Integral to the success of this garden is the completely organic approach to ensuring optimal soil quality, which in turn, guarantees plant health.

Ongoing soil nurturing is achieved by adding organic manures to all garden beds in combination with worm-rich, well-formed compost. Compost is made onsite from shredded leaf litter layered in open cypress sleeper-framed boxes. Clearly your garden can be a safe haven for your family and friends and also a healthy ecosystem that supports birds, insects and other important species, ensuring biodiversity and a sustainable future. Read Testimonial

Alhambra, Armadale

Design & Construction

Classic in design, Alhambra exudes simplicity, warmth and romance. This garden features an elegant, timber deck for entertainment, a bespoke timber planter for a vegetable garden, a custom designed timber gateway and a Spanish inspired water feature. Read Testimonial

Persian Arches

Bespoke Garden Features

This collective piece of garden art was designed for the purposes of presenting a showcase garden at The Melbourne International Flower & Garden show, 2010.

The archway is a significant architectural feature in Islamic History. The architecture in Samarkand, Uzbekistan was the inspiration for the three Persian archways.

The three archways function as an original frame for the garden, complementing the theme of the garden itself, as well as serving as an important focal point of the garden. Furthermore, the arches’ transparency allows the garden viewers to see beyond to the beautiful landscape and the Exhibition building.

Melbourne International Garden Show

Design & Construction

Samarkand is a peaceful retreat, offering a sensory & evocative experience. The design is reminiscent of the Persian concept of the Paradise Garden.

This traditional, oriental garden features an elegant, bronze-cast fountain; a natural recycled timber deck and three bespoke steel archways, which capture the borrowed landscape. The result is a perfectly balanced, classic garden design.

The components of this garden were reclaimed in their entirety. At the conclusion of the Garden Show, no material was demolished or disposed of, which is Tom Secret Garden’s commitment to sustainability.

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