Organic Garden Care

Nuturing Garden Spaces Naturally

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Tom’s Secret Garden provides a horticultural service, which
nurtures your garden through an organic, sustainable approach.
Your garden is prepared for seasonal changes using only organic garden fertilisers and nutrients, allowing plants to thrive naturally
in a harmonious environment.

Tom’s Secret Garden’s organic garden care provides a
safe, outdoor living space for your family for generations, bringing you closer to nature... ”

Both productive vegetable gardens and healthy kitchen gardens can be designed
and developed, offering you a self-sufficient veritable Garden of Eden.

Tom’s Secret Garden’s organic garden care provides a safe, outdoor living space
for your family for generations, bringing you closer to nature. You will experience
an abundance of bird life, butterflies and dragonflies, due to ecosystems being supported and created, whilst enjoying a beautiful garden throughout the seasons.

Tom’s Secret Garden offers you a personalised garden care service to meet your most discerning needs. Our team is qualified and experienced in heritage garden maintenance, large-scale ornamental garden management, contemporary and courtyard gardens and uses sustainable principles and methods. View examples of our gardens >

Garden Design & Landscape Construction

Creating Garden Artistry

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Tom Remfry is an inspired garden designer of elegant and highly original spaces. His design philosophy is underpinned by a single concept brought to life as a motif in the landscape. His sensitivity to the natural landscape is evident in his planting schemes, which are evocative, lyrical and provide continual seasonal interest.

His knowledge of plant species is extensive with a particular emphasis on native, coastal and herbaceous perennial varieties. A commitment to prolific plant research is evident in his plant selection. His landscapes schemes are suited to Australia’s climate, whilst still maintaining a strong, creative vision.

The designs are highly conceptual; the architecture of your property or your connection to a place, may serve as inspiration. Often the exploration of a concept emerges in the form of a central garden feature, such as an archway or an individually designed water feature. The designs are presented to you as beautifully hand sketched drawings, brought to life in watercolour on quality art paper, illustrating Tom’s artistic vision for your garden space.

The design phase includes: Garden Consultation/s, Conceptual Plans, Landscape Plans, Sectional Drawings, Proposed Planting Schedules and Construction Notes. An organic garden care plan is highly recommended to allow your garden space to be nurtured appropriately upon completion.

In the construction phase, the team at Tom’s Secret Garden sources local, sustainably produced materials from stone, timber or steel, as appropriate. The emphasis is on minimal impact to the existing environment, demonstrating Tom’s Secret Garden’s commitment to sustainability.

Through establishing a synergy between your initial dream and Tom’s extensive design repertoire, a vision can become a reality. View our garden design folio >