The Camberwell Garden

Maintenance & Management

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The garden care of this beautiful, heritage garden is based on Tom’s Secret Garden’s organic principles and methods. It features a bespoke vegetable garden area and kitchen herb garden and a wonderful, diverse plant scheme.

Every corner of the garden engages the viewer with its diversity and sensitivity.

The management of the garden allows the owners to engage with the space
and to provide them with a self-sufficient lifestyle. It is truly likened to entering
a secret garden… Read Testimonial

Clendon Road Garden, Toorak

Maintenance & Management

Over an acre of splendid garden, nurtured for a period of three years using strict organic principles, onsite mulching and establishing worm farms from organic vegetable composting.

This abundant garden showcases each season gracefully; the elegant lines, textures and shapes of the foliage are enhanced and burst forth in a plethora of colour.

The benefits of organic gardening are evident in this sensory masterpiece. Read Testimonial

Armadale Garden

Maintenance & Management

This garden has a unique ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement feel. Displaying a diverse tapestry of plants like Abutilon ‘Red Emperor’ revealing textural contrast through foliage and bold interest with flower color. To the property’s rear is a Golden Ash Fraxinus excelsor ‘Aurea’ in complete contrast with 2 Peppercorn Schinus molle trees, creating a protective canopy under which a flourishing microclimate exists.

Further interest is achieved through a 20-year-old Crimson glory vine, ‘Vitis coignetiae,’ which serves as an elegant and ever-changing canopy covering a large timber pergola adjacent to the home, which, in the summer months, is the perfect alfresco area.

Obvious in this garden is a focus on plant placement to achieve a real sense of depth and scale of the garden, which sits on a North – South block of over 900 sqm.

The planting within this garden evolved as it was maintained, with a basic premise in mind to acknowledge the Edwardian architecture carefully linking older parts of the garden with new, including plants such as Chrysocephalum apiculatum and Anigozanthos hybrid sp. in the scheme. It features plant diversity and opportunities for birds and butterflies to be part of this important garden space. Read Testimonial

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